Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer

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Today I had a happy day. Mr. T, Ms. J and I had a playdate with some friends. We spent the better part of the day playing in a park, splashing in a splash pad and wading through an old school wading pool. You know the kind? It’s deepest part is only 2 feet deep. Mr. T could walk around freely without water wings or life jacket. Ms. J could crawl around in the nice cool water. It was wonderful.

Whatever happened to those things? They used to have those things everywhere when I was a kid. Now I hardly see them anywhere. I think they’ve probably been replaced by Splash Pads in most places. I get that it’s a safety thing but I had a blast today.

Playing in the sun, sand and water with my little ones is just how I want to spend the last precious days of summer. In a few months when it’s cold, miserable, dark and snowy and I will remember today fondly. The only thing missing was Mr. C.  :)

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