Oh the weather outside is frightful…

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Winter has only just begun and we have already had a couple of days where weather has forced us indoors. I have a confession to make and it may sound selfish but…

I kind of like it!

It means I get my family all to myself! No errands to run, no visiting to do or visitors to host. Just my husband, my children and myself, having some good ol’ fashion family fun!

We never seem to have enough hours in the day, minutes in an hour or seconds in a minute. Each moment seems to flitter by in a blur right before my eyes. Every day is like a summer breeze blowing through our lives quickly forgotten once the heat settles in again.

It is so easy to allow life to take over. Memories can become lost amongst responsibilities and obligations. Children grow and baby fat disappears as I turn my back.

Recently this has led me to make a conscious decision that sometimes I need to hoard my husband and kids and keep them all to myself. As selfish as this may seem it is what we need, what I need. It’s important for us to build our life and our memories together. It’s not a bad thing for me to turn things down, to allow myself to just stay home and do nothing with my family. As a family we have agreed that at least one day a weekend we will keep for ourselves. No other commitments. Just the four of us, spending quality time together.

It’s in those moments alone when I truly get to know my children. When we are able to just be still, I am able to look into Ms. J’s eyes when she’s talking to me. Making sure she knows that she is important and that I care about what she has to say. It’s in those moments that I notice how amazingly smart she is. I can sit and listen to Mr. T’s stories and give him my full attention. Ask him questions and get to know who he is, learn about his friends at school and about his life outside of us. We can colour together at the dining room table in silence. We can pillow fight on the bed while we wait for dinner to be ready. We have time for a dance party before bathtime. We end the day giggling and cuddling instead of arguing and rushing. It’s in those moments where I feel as though I have made the best of my time with them. When I haven’t pushed them aside because I’m too busy doing dishes or laundry. When we aren’t rushing to get out of the house because we have made a commitment to be somewhere by a certain time.
I had children so that I could enjoy them. Play with them. Build memories with them. Start traditions with them. This can be hard in the reality that is the busy life of a family with two working parents. It requires effort and planning. But it’s an effort I’m willing to put in.

It is in my nature to rush through life. It’s also in my nature to please people. I tend to overschedule and then my family suffers for it. I try and squeeze in so much into such a short period of time. It’s next to impossible for me to just sit still for even a second. I feel like I have so many obligations. I’ve come to the understanding that my most important obligation lies with my children and my husband. I need to ensure that we are taken care of mind, body and soul first and it’s ok if I’m a little selfish with my family sometimes.

So I will sit back and enjoy this terrible weather we are having. That we are forced to stay holed up in the house, just the four of us, may be just what the doctor ordered. We will stay in our jammies until noon. We will eat pancakes. We will watch movies under blankets and do puzzles on the floor. With nowhere to go and no one to see we will spend an entire day being still with each other.
As the days go on and the weather clears up you may just see this family taking more inclement weather days.

Stay safe and warm inside everyone! Ride out this storm with those you love most, I know I will.

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