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I have always hated Valentine’s Day. Ok maybe hate is too strong a word. Maybe I didn’t hate it. I just wasn’t the girl who expected jewelry and roses on Valentine’s Day. I thought of it as a made up holiday. It’s a pressure filled day. What are you going to do? What are you going to get your significant other? What is your significant other going to get you?? Forget about it if you don’t have a significant other to spend it with!

Too much pressure!

I’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day single, with my girls at a basketball game. I’ve celebrated it watching movies in my apartment on my own. There have been years vdaywhere I got romantic with a partner and went the traditional route. I’ve tried it all.

It has just never been my thing.

You would think meeting my partner in crime, my best friend, the love of my life would have warmed my heart to the holiday of love.

Not so much.

Even after meeting my husband, Valentine’s Day seemed like a cheesy, contrived holiday and it just didn’t feel like me to go all champagne and roses. I sat on my high horse preaching that I was going to show my love every day and not just on the Hallmark day of the hearts.

Then guess what? Two little beings entered our lives and melted my anti Valentine heart.

Yep…my two youngest Valentines did what no other could do. They turned me on to the candy hearts, lacy Valentines and pink cupcakes that make up this love filled day.

I want to take every opportunity to make their lives as special as possible. They make me want to celebrate every tiny moment. What seemed insignificant then now seems so important when I’m seeing it through their eyes. When I see their little faces light up at the sight of a pink cupcake, it touches my chocolate filled heart deeply.

Now, rather see it as a day I’m “forced” to show my love I am looking at it as yet another opportunity to show my husband just how much I love him. No, it isn’t the only day of the year that I show him my love, but it’s just another opportunity to celebrate us. Another chance I get to tell him that he means the world to me. It’s just another chance for us to show our kids what love is. With the fast paced busy life we live, why not take this one day to celebrate our love? Is it cheesy? Yes! But who cares??? It’s all about the love!

So it’s official. I’m a Valentine’s celebrator. My kiddies will be lugging pink cupcakes to share with their daycare friends. We have spent the last few evenings writing out our Valentine’s. They will even come home to a heart shaped cake iced in pink icing made with love…shhhhh it’s a surprise!

While I won’t be braving the restaurant scene, crammed in with all the other couples paying an exorbitant amount of money for a Valentine’s dinner out, I will be celebrating nonetheless. I will be celebrating with not one but three Valentines! The three people who have captured my heart in a way I never thought possible. Me and my Valentines will be sharing our special evening as we love best, snuggling cozy at home, together, just the four of us.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Traditionally or in a non traditional way?

Regardless of how you celebrate I wish you all a love filled Happy Valentine’s Day!


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2 thoughts on “My Funny Valentines

  1. We have always celebrated valentine’s not because it’s valentine’s but because it is our wedding anniversary. My hubby is definitely a go all out kinda guy but this time around we have a little munchkin and we said let’s take it easy this year. Just when I thought we weren’t doing anything at all he comes home with purple roses and some A&W… my fave! hehehe definitely a different kind of valentine’s! Lol

    1. That sounds so nice. It does change when your kids are little. For me, I enjoy celebrating these things with them too. Mr. C. and I go on dates regularly so I don’t feel as though I have to go out with him on Valentine’s Day. It’s just as nice for us to celebrate at home with the kids. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day AND Wedding Anniversary!

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