Why I want presents for Mother’s Day

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Yes I said it! I want presents!

Now before everyone throws their arms up in the air and gives me their best mummy judging frowns let me explain…  When I say I want presents I’m not talking about pricey jewelry or designer duds. There is no need to take out a small loan to show me you care. I’m not about fancy or expensive. What I find under my pretty bows and wrapping paper really doesn’t matter. What matters is that my children get to run into my bedroom early on Mother’s Day morning, yes I said early because even on Mother’s Day my kid’s excitement supersedes my need to sleep in, and present me with their goodies. What is meaningful for them is to go out on a shopping trip with their Dad to pick something out just for me. The exciting part is the art project they have been working on in secret for days, maybe even weeks.  Mr. T. has been talking about the “surprise” he’s working on in school for two weeks now.

They are demanding little humans. They demand of me even when I feel like I have nothing left to give. Like when my head is pounding and they are both talking over each other, their little voices getting louder and louder trying to ensure they are heard. Or when I’m starving and one climbs up on to my lap and helps themselves to the meal on my plate. Perhaps when I pour myself into a steaming shower hoping to escape to a quiet zone just for a few minutes only to be interrupted by a little hand pulling open the shower curtain and sweetly asking if they can hop in? Yet as demanding as they are they still instinctively want to give back to me. They want to make me happy. Every time my kids present me with a token of their affection the pride beams from the smile on their happy little faces. The excitement is palpable as they hop into bed and open the present for me, telling me exactly what it is before I’ve had the chance to peek inside. The love I feel as I hug them close thanking them for such a lovely and thoughtful gift overwhelms me.

This is important. It’s important for them to learn the feeling of happiness that comes from giving someone else a gift. I mean who doesn’t like receiving a gift? It’s very easy for me, as a mother, to tell them it doesn’t matter, that I don’t need anything, because in truth I don’t. Spending my day with them is gift enough. Yet I know that if I do that, I’m taking away from their excitement. I will lose out, not on the present itself, but on seeing their little faces light up as they proudly hand me a beautifully wrapped package.

I want them to know that it is important to show your loved ones that they are loved. Yet as significant as that is, I also want them to know that the price tag isn’t a reflection of how much you care. I want to show them that putting thought and emotion into your gifts goes a lot further than your wallet ever can.

Just as I did last year, I will open their presents with excitement. There will be lots of hugs, kisses and probably tears. I will hang their artwork on the wall with pride. I will enjoy my day of pampering knowing that they are getting just as much out of it as I am.

I will spend my day being thankful that I have been given the gift of motherhood.





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One thought on “Why I want presents for Mother’s Day

  1. Nat, Loved reading, “Why I Want Presents for Mother’s Day.” My sentiments exactly! What hit home, is something that I struggle with personally even now, and that is receiving a gift from someone for “no reason” …like when mom wants to buy me something, whether it’s lunch when we go shopping, or if my cousin just gets me something because it reminded her of me (like a little book about cats) or 2 teachers that I have who want me to come to their classes still, free of charge because I was a devoted student. It’s right what you are saying, that if you don’t accept, you are robbing them of of the pleasure they get in giving, and that there has to be a ‘give and receive’ all around. So I accept lunch sometimes, and I go to some of the classes and I do my best to give back in ways that I can… Happy Mother’s Day to a great mother! xOx

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