A mother who needs her mother

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I’m moving.

This post isn’t about my move, though that will come. This post is about how even though I’m married, have a home and am a mother to my own two children, there are still moments in my life where I need my mum.

Back to moving.

Preparing for a move is never easy. It’s especially not easy when you have children. It’s even more difficult when you work full time AND have children.

Between work, soccer practices, swimming lessons, gymnastics, homework and all the other fun stuff that comes along with having children, preparing our lives and our home to move was not easy.

Enter my mum.

There are certain situations where my mum just seems to know the best way to help out. When I am overwhelmed with a list of to-do’s so long that I don’t even know where to begin, my mum has a knack for knowing where she can jump in without making me feel like I’m failing and she has to rescue me.

This was one of those situations.

Seeing that my stress level was on the rise, my mum, offered to come over and help me clear out some of the stuff we have accumulated over the years and clean up.

Now let me say, no one can clean a house like my mum. She has a talent. Not sure if it’s God given or just something she has mastered throughout her life but she has the ability to quietly work her away through a home leaving it sparkling and smelling wonderfully without anyone even knowing she was there.

So the offer came and I jumped!

In walked my mum, clad in sweatpants and an old t-shirt, carrying a caddy filled with cleaning products and my anxiety level went down almost instantaneously. The house cleared of children and we went at it. From top to bottom she helped this house forget about the two little bundles of energy that bounced of its walls. On her day off, not quitting until it was done, she swept through this house like a magician and helped me make sure that everything found its place.

My mum knows me to the core, and knows that I am fiercely independent. She knows that sometimes my pride gets in the way and asking for help isn’t something I do often. My mum finds a way to contribute without coming across like the mother saving her child because she knows this wouldn’t go over well with me. No ulterior motives. She doesn’t need a million praises. She just wants to help make my life a little easier in those moments where life is anything but. She remembers what it’s like to be a working mother of two young children. She remembers the things that caused her to cringe in those early moments of family life; dirty dishes, piles of laundry, another meal to cook. She is willing to help me with the dirty work in order to allow me more time with my family.

So here I am, a full blown adult and sometimes, without even realizing it, I still need my mum. I carry no shame or guilt. Just the wonderful feeling of knowing that I have a mum who is willing to sometimes be needed.

Thank you mum. For all the dishes you’ve done, toilets you’ve cleaned, floors you’ve mopped and meals you’ve cooked for no other reason than to lend me a helping hand.


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2 thoughts on “A mother who needs her mother

  1. What better mother’s day gift is there than a daughter who publicly says she appreciates her mom! xOx xOx

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