Getting Crafty with Weavy Loops

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I am not a crafty person. In fact I am probably the furthest thing from a crafty person you will ever meet. The problem is that I have these grandiose dreams of getting artsy and creative with my kids and usually it ends in disaster and the crafts end up looking like a disaster.

That’s why when I was asked to try out Weavy Loops I was a little apprehensive. I wondered how long it would take me to give up and toss it to the side. Yet, I agreed because I still have a vision of me crafting at the table with my little ones.

As soon as the Weavy Loops arrived my daughter was super excited to try it out and I was super doubtful that I would be able to pull it off.

After getting ourselves all set up, we started watching the videos to learn how the Weavy Loops work. If I were to go back again, I would probably would have watched the videos before I brought the kids in to begin. Since crafting doesn’t come naturally to me, I did have to watch the tutorial videos a couple of times to really understand how to weave.

The kits come with almost everything you need; the loop tools, cords and even little decorative items like stars and hearts that can be used as key chains. The only items I needed to have at home were a tiny amount of tape, a small set of pliers and a little glue to keep the ends from fraying.

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My daughter, who is five, was able to sit on my lap and we got to creating together. Without hesitation, the first thing she wanted to make was a bracelet and she couldn’t wait to wear it to school and show it off.


She is pretty particular about her hair so I was pleasantly surprised when she suggested that we use the Weavy Loops to make a neat headband for her to wear.

While it did take us a little bit of time to get flowing once we found our groove we had a lot of fun making neat things together. At five years old, my daughter did need a little help, but it shouldn’t be long before she’s able to weave all on her own. I found myself thinking how much fun I would have had with this as a young girl.

As we worked through our little projects we began discussing all the great things we could weave; bracelets, headbands and key chains among other things. You can weave just about anything, adding your own personal touches to almost everything.

When my daughter’s friends saw the cool bracelet and headband she made, they were instantly impressed and wanted one of their own. We decided right then that maybe we would be able to hand make some Christmas gifts using Weavy Loops. We know a few people who would love to receive something handmade from us!

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to try Weavy Loops. To be honest I might have been afraid to pull it off the shelf if I had seen it in a toy store, making an assumption that it would be way too complicated for a novice crafter like myself. Once I tried it, I realized that it’s really not scary at all, it was actually a lot of fun.

My little artist to be, who loves drawing and creating, was so happy to spend quality creative time with her mummy and I am so glad that I finally had the opportunity to get crafty with my little girl.



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