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I’m a tired mom.

I mean exhausted.

Sometimes the exhaustion is so much that I can barely keep my eyes open.

Sometimes it is so much that I can’t think straight.

You may wonder why, when the tiredness cloaks my body like a weighted blanket, I choose to get up at 5 am.

When my alarm goes off it’s still pitch dark outside and I lay there for a minute listening to the deep breathing of my husband, and let’s be honest at least one of my children and I wonder why I’m about to roll myself out of bed.

Yet I still do it.

I get up at 5 am to work out.

It makes me sound crazy right?

The thing is 5 am is actually beautiful.

When I wake up at 5 am I take a moment to drink in the silence; there will never be another time during the whole day where the house will be as quiet.

5 am is beautiful, inspiring and motivating.

5 am is peaceful and still.

5 am makes me feel accomplished.

5 am is solitude. I won’t find myself alone again throughout the day so the solitude is so welcome and I allow it to envelope me with pleasure.

Have you ever watched the sunrise? I’ve watched the sunrise many mornings from my spot on the treadmill or mid push up or right as I’m finishing a set up burpees. It makes it so much more beautiful. The beauty of a sunrise can give you the motivation to keep on going.

The exercise is not a luxury for me. It encourages me to make healthier food choices. It provides me with emotional stability and prevents me from losing control over my stress. Exercise is not a luxury but a necessity.

5 am gives me permission to focus on myself and just myself if even for a short while.

5 am allows me to make myself a priority.

As exhausted as I am, the beauty of the early morning hours makes it a bit easier.

So for now, I must head to bed because 5 am comes very fast.

And as tired as I will be, I must admit I look forward to seeing what 5 am will look like tomorrow.

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