My Before 40 Bucket List

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In just over a month I will be celebrating the last birthday of my thirties.

For some, the thought of entering their 40’s brings fear.

For me the thought of turning 40 brings excitement.

My thirties, so far, have been some of the best years of my life.

I became a wife right at the end of my twenties and have spent my thirties figuring out what kind of marriage I want and working hard to build that.

I became a mother. I suffered loss and it made me stronger.

Throughout the decade I have become more and more at peace with myself. I have, slowly, learned to love my body, which also means treating it well. I’ve learned to eat healthier and get the proper amount of sleep. I’ve learned that exercise isn’t about looking good but more about feeling good.

I am learning about boundaries and that my boundaries may change with time. I am becoming unapologetic about putting myself and my family first.

Marriage, motherhood and self-love have been the theme of this decade. My thirties have seen me through some of the most amazing adventures. My thirties have brought me so much happiness.

The best part of my thirties has been letting go of my fear of failure. I try to face new opportunities with excitement instead of anxiety.

I am proud of what I have accomplished so far but I still have more goals to reach. Some are lifelong dreams but some are things that I would like to tick off my to-do list before I hit the big 4-0.

Donate Blood – Needles terrify me. I have been known to pass out when doing a blood test. Yet I know that donating blood is important. Years of having a son who is a patient at a Children’s Hospital has shown me just how important blood donations are and since I am healthy and capable I feel as though it’s my duty.

* Edit – I recently conquered my fear and accomplished this goal. I made my first blood donation and though I was scared, it felt great!20023936_10159149308545571_4824111283597782867_o

Run a Race – I’m in decent shape and exercise regularly however I’m a terrible runner. Before I turn 40 I want to run a race. I’m not talking a half marathon or anything, though that might be on my pre 50 bucket list, but I want to run a race. Preferably a race that raises money for a good cause, maybe one that involves colour, and my goal is at least a 5K. So if you’re putting together a race team let me know, I would love to join!

Get a tattoo – I have always crushed on women with tattoos. I adore the look but am fully aware that I’m not one to pull off an entire sleeve. If I’ve learned anything in my thirties it’s that I don’t really have to answer to anyone, if I want a tattoo I can get a tattoo. So, I’m getting a tattoo…before I turn 40. This is the one that brings me to most excitement.

Pitch my book to a publisher – This one is the scariest. This is where I feel the most vulnerable. But it is my dream. So I’m giving myself a timeline. Before I turn 40 I want to pitch my book to a publisher. It may not go anywhere from there but at least I know that I did it. Success or failure I took a step in the right direction.

It seems like a small list but each one of the items on this list make me nervous. Each item is something that I’m afraid I’m not capable of. What better way to say goodbye to my thirties than by accomplishing a few things that challenge me and scare me a little bit?

I reserve the right to add to this list as I see fit because if my thirties have taught me anything it’s that life is ever changing and you never know what’s around the next corner.

The thought of turning 40 doesn’t scare me at all. My thirties have seen me through some incredible growth and I can’t wait to see what my 40’s have in store for me.

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